I just created this cocktail for the ABSOLUT MANGO launch event in Chicago at the HOTEL SAX on January 26th, 2009.

It is a sweet and savory cocktail…I wanted a cocktail to go with spicy Indian food.

Mango is a very common ingredient in Indian cuisine. It also is wonderful in sweet and savory dishes and salads. I thought the pungent aromas blended with sweetness of ginger syrup and orange juice would combine beautifully with the savory of garam-masala and a touch of salt.

Onion and lime would also be good choices with mango.

1.5 oz ABSOLUT MANGO vodka
1.5oz Fresh Orange Juice
.75 oz Garam-Masala Scented Ginger syrup
a few grains of salt

Shake all ingredients and strain into chilled coupe or other cocktail glass…garnish with candied orange peel.


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