Here is the recipe for the cocktail I submitted for the TOC Official cocktail for 2013

The riff to be created was on the Rickey, a very simple gin, soda and lime drink. Bright and refreshing. Not cloying. Great for a sweltering, hot day.
I wanted to stay true to the style of this drink while altering it in ways that clearly differentiated it from the original.
My wish is  for the first time imbiber of this cocktail to comment that this was very much like a Rickey, but pleasantly different.
Most importantly, however, is that it be light, refreshing and very drinkable. 
Dressed in my seersucker suit on a hot, July day in Washington D.C. …I could see sipping on a few more than one of these.


.5 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Grapefruit Juice
Chilled Club Soda
Grapefruit Peel
16 oz Highball
Large Format Ice
In a mixing glass filled with ice, add spirits and fresh citrus juices
Stir briefly just to chill
Strain into iced 16oz Highball glass
 Top with chilled club soda
One long spoon stir to lightly mix
Squeeze grapefruit peel over glass and add to glass.
Long Straw
The gin here was a no-brainer. I wanted to stay with lime as the tart acid and to compliment that I decided to add a touch of bitterness and sweetness along with fresh grapefruit. I love the way light bitter aperitifs and grapefruit go together. and I thought of those together as one ingredient.
This was a significant change from the original, yet stayed true to my goals. I refrained from the temptation to add other things or jazz it up more, as that might look good on paper or a wow factor, but would absolutely erode the intended goals and philosophy of this drink.