There is a little wave of shift shots in the mixology world…Fernet Branca with a ginger chaser…ginger beer, or what I do is ginger syrup, lime and soda. It really is good and the bitter amaro, Fernet, is balanced by the sweetness of the ginger…and a little acid from some lime.

I was in Buenos Aires last year visiting friends, and something jumped out at me that I didnt expect. Argentina drinks more Fernet than anyone in the world.

Once I thought about the Italian heritage of the majority of Argentinians, I totally understood its place in Argentinian culture.

The drink of choice made with Fernet is the FERNANDO…Simply Coca Cola and Fernet. Fernet can be found in virtually every location that sells spirits from the corner bodega to the cafe down the street.

I tried one and was pleasantly surprised at how good it really is. While I wouldnt drink more than two in a sitting, it certainly would be on my list of cocktails I would order.

Fernando Cocktail
1.5-2 oz FERNET
Coca Cola (classic) with sugar instead of corn syrup if possible
Tall glass filled with ice. Build in glass

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