A few years back I was sipping on a cognac in a snifter. I wanted some fruit, so I mixed some creme de Apricot with it…IT was delicious!

Grand Marnier and B&B are cognac based super liqueurs based exactly on that idea, so why not others? and why not at home or at the bar or while dining?

I had the idea of snifter cocktails. They would be served neat. Unchilled.

There are a myriad of combinations.

Simple ones range from a quality cognac mixed with a quality liqueur.

For example:

Pierre Ferrand Reserve and Mathilde Pear Liqueur


Hennessy VSOP and Creme de Cassis de Dijon

But you could also use a good bourbon or a mezcal..

Basil Hayden’s and Peach Liqueur


Chichicapa Single Village Mezcal, honey and benedictine

Really the combinations are endless.

The idea of a simple sipping cocktail that is served neat to bring out full flavors and to allow for a slowed enjoyment of the drink is not new…

But should be rediscovered by a new generation of drinker and open up a whole new variety and manner of enjoying your spirits.

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